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The Data Science program is supported by the joint efforts of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics.

Message from the Director

Paul Anderson

Paul E. Anderson
Director, Data Science

"Simply put, Data Science is where computer science and statistics come together to shape the future through data. A data scientist is creative, breaks traditional academic boundaries, and sees the power of knowledge discovery through data. Data scientists are becoming indispensable in almost every discipline and company. They can be found driving some of the most exciting technological advancements at companies from Google to Facebook, when they aren't working with scientists to find the cure for cancer or stopping global warming."

The Department of Computer Science

Computer science is more than writing code and building robots. It is the blending of computational principles and human creativity with the application of computing technologies. Since its inception, computer science has revolutionized the way we compute, communicate, find information, and conduct business. Problem solving and logical reasoning are at the core of computer science, making it one of the most pervasive areas of study. Find out more

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The Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the oldest academic disciplines, valued for its intrinsic beauty, as training in logical and analytical reasoning, and for its widespread applications throughout other disciplines. As our society adopts more technology and collects more data, training in mathematics becomes ever more valuable. Find out more

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