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Data Science Program


At the College of Charleston, data science students are taught to scrape, process, organize, and analyze large data sets to identify patterns and trends. They learn to use the tools and problem-solving skills of mathematics and computer science to gather information from large, multidimensional data sets, data streams and complex systems.

Whether you plan to crunch numbers for the sports analytics, precision medicine, predict the stock market, or leverage big data to provide business insights, you’ll get the required background here.

Consistently ranked as one of the top fields to watch in the next decade, recent graduates at the College of Charleston have obtained positions at industry-leading analytic companies or obtained graduate school fellowships to Ivy League colleges. Our new curriculum allows you to customize your experience to focus on emerging fields such as biomedical informatics, business analytics, bioinformatics, geoinformatics, physics, digital humanities, and health informatics.

Student Achievement Spotlight

Data 101 Students Win $2,000 and a Trip to San Francisco for the Wells Fargo Analytics Challenge

After rigorous judging by exerts in the field of Data Science, Jake Schwarztrauber, Katie Hane Balcewicz, and Danielle Joy Schwartz, were selected as one of five winners in the Wells Fargo Campus Analytics Challenge.  The team was honored by the President and Board of Trustees at the College of Charleston on January 29, 2016. 

Jake Schwarztrauber, Katie Hane Balcewicz, and Danielle Joy Schwartz

Senior Data Science Student Spotlight


Thomas had no background in computer science when he first heard about the College’s data science program. Still, it grabbed him. “I enjoy math, problem solving and computers, so when I learned that this program combines those, I said ‘This sounds awesome. I can take this major wherever I want. I can make it work for me.’” Thomas took a programming class his first semester. “I was so nervous. I was thinking ‘how am I going to make it in a degree where I have no idea what I’m doing.’ But I realized that I could do this; I could learn new programming skills. I ended up loving that class, and discovered early on that this is what I want to do.”

Data Science in the News

I Want Your Job: Data Scientist

Matt Mazzarell ’13, a Data Scientist at Teradata, has helped to increase the effectiveness of MRI machines and developed a way to predict the failure of computer hard drives. 

Revealing Data Science's Job Potential

Data Science is gaining traction in the industry, as analytics, data collection, sensors, and Big Data become a more regular part of our online existence.

Can Big Data Cure Cancer?

A tale of two twenty-something computer whizzes, a mountain of money from Google, and one of the oldest, most vexing problems of all time.

Big Data: The Next Frointier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity

The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets—so-called big data—will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus, according to research by MGI and McKinsey's Business Technology Office. 

$100k Grant for Genomics Undergraduate Research

College of Charleston and MUSC researchers will use a $100,000 grant to train a new generation of genomics-enabled scientists to advance the future of biology.