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Internship Experiences

What do our Data Science majors do?

At the College of Charleston, Data Science majors are encouraged to take advantage of the amazing opportunities that are available to them. Internships, research opportunities, and study abroad experiences can have a profound impact on a student's college experience. We asked our featured students to share their internship, research, study abroad, and overall college experiences as Data Science majors.

Cutting Edge Data Science Research


Senior Data Science major, David Moore, has been conducting research with the Data Science Research Group and the Charleston Computational Genomics Group. His recent work on confounding correcting in machine learning has recently been published at the IEEE Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine.

Q: ​What has been your favorite Data Science class?

Definitely Data Science 101. It was a really fun class that emphasized applying algorithms to real data sets. I knew a little bit of code going in, but coming out I was much more confident in coding, and in actually predicting models. Also, Python I will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first coding class.

​Q: ​What has been your favorite experience/opportunity as a Data Science major?

Two summers ago I was selected to be a part of a research lab, the Charleston Computation Genomics Group. I spent that summer attending seminars at MUSC and the marine lab, and consulting with professionals using real world data sets. Eventually I developed my own research project, and during the Omics REU this past summer I wrote a manuscript that got accepted by a conference. I learned most of what I know from my research experience, and made some really good connections in the professional world.

​Q: ​What do you hope to do after graduation?

I graduate in December, and I'm planning on backpacking through Europe for two months starting in January. When I get back I will be applying to graduate schools to get my Master of Science in Analytics degree, and looking into PhD programs to possibly explore more research in bioinformatics.

Q: What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends in Charleston?

Sadly I'm kind of a dork and spend most of my weekends studying, but I also like to enjoy the good weather. The James Island County Park is a lot of fun. I take my dog to the dog park there, they have a bike rental shop, and a ton of walking paths. In the winter they have a light show that I always drive through, and a little Santa's Village setup.

Industry Experience


Sara Wiegreffe is a Junior Data Science major who spent the summer interning in the Analytics department at MUSC.

Q: Why did you choose to major in Data Science?

I came in Freshman year wanting to be a statistics major, but I decided to take the introductory programming course and was hooked. I chose to major in Data Science because it combines both statistics and programming, and it also has a lot of real world application.

​Q: ​What has been your favorite experience/opportunity as a Data Science major?

I’ve had an amazing internship in the Analytics department of MUSC this past summer and current semester. I’ve gotten to build and put into operation a forecast model to predict the number of cases expected in the hospital’s operating rooms on a given day to ultimately help the hospital run more efficiently.

​Q. ​Where is your favorite place to travel?

I studied abroad in Estonia last semester, so I got to travel around Eastern Europe and Scandinavia quite a bit. I went to the Arctic Circle, rode a reindeer and saw the Northern Lights, which was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Internships In Exciting Fields And Places


Declan Whitmyer - Senior Data Science major who spent last summer working as an intern for a financial company in New York City.

Q: Why did you choose to major in Data Science?

Good data science requires the fusion of mathematics, computer science, and the ability to explain your findings in a way that is clear and easy to understand.  In high school I loved interacting with people, was good at math, and had always been fascinated with computers. Pursuing a Data Science major has allowed me to leverage my passions and skills simultaneously to apply them to whichever cognate I was interested in.

​Q: ​What has been your favorite experience/opportunity as a Data Science major?

 The summer after freshman year, I took CSCI399 with Dr. Starr, which meant taking a trip to San Francisco to visit numerous CofC alumni to get tours of the companies for which they worked.  We visited computer science alumni at companies such as Pandora, Google, Nextdoor, and Netflix.

Q. ​Where is your favorite place to travel?

Italy is my favorite place to travel because Italians are just plain cool: The fashion, the cars, the food, the coast.  They have something good going on.

Benefits of a Data Science Internship

  1. Allowing students to apply what they have learned in their computer science, mathematics, and domain emphasis courses.
  2. Improving professional and social skills, such as listening, oral and written communication of ideas, and working with others.
  3. Teaching responsibility of time-management, job completion and decision making.
  4. Bolstering self-esteem by giving students the confidence to effectively choose a career or research path after graduation.

The responsibility of finding an internship is the priority of the student, however, the Department and the College are both prepared to help with your search.  By directly contacting the Data Science Director, Paul Anderson, together you can review, build, and develop your resume and interview skills.  At the beginning of the Spring Semester, the Department will send an announcement to submit your resume for our Computer Science Student Resume Book.  The Computer Science Student Resume Book allow companies to have access to our student resumes for internship and job opportunities.  

The Career Center is available to educate, develop and assist students in successfully meeting the challenges of the ever-changing work environment.  We recommend participation in Computer Science conferences and our seminar series.  These opportunities allow students to network with businesses to gain contacts and reach out about internship opportunities.  Also, visit CougarJobLink to search for internships and jobs that may be posted daily.  

Being an intern comes with many responsibilities.  As an ambassador for our Department, we hope that you will work hard to be an asset to the company, thus allowing them to feel excited about extending future opportunities to your peers. You should take the knowledge you gain from the internship experience and use it to improve your academic experience, encourage your classmates, and mold your desired post-graduation path.

We wish you success as you test your academic skills outside of our walls.

CofC Data Science Alumni, Lee Blackwell '13 interned for Bibliolife as a student and obtained a position with Vanguard as a Financial Analystist prior to graduation.

Who's Hiring Our Data Science Students?

Visit CougarJobLink to search for internships and jobs that may be posted daily.  Our Data Science and Computer Science students have successfully found internship and job opportunities at the following companies:

AKQA          Amazon          AMD
Benefitfocus           Bibliolabs          Blackbaud          Blue Acorn 
Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina          BoomTown          Booz | Allen | Hamilton 
BY LIGHT Professional IT Services          Charleston Digital Corridor          CharlestonWorks 
City of Charleston          CodeLynx         Disney           Duke Energy         Facebook 
FAST Enterprises, LLC          Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)          Google
Hawkes Learning Systems           Home Telecom          Kitware
Life Cycle Engineering          Michelin          Modus21           Moondog Animation 
MUSC         People Matter          PhishLabs           PokitDok 
Santee Cooper          SPARC           SPAWAR           Synechron Inc.
Telogical Systems           Teradata           Tower Research Capital LLC
Website Pipeline          Yahoo           Zubie