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Data Science Student Presents Research at MOD 2016

Congratulations to Sonia Kopel for the acceptance of her research, “Fastfood Elastic Net: Combining Variable Selection with Kernel Expansion Approximations,” which was presented at the 3rd International Workshop on Machine learning, Optimization & Big Data.  The conference was held in Tuscany, Italy.  The corresponding research paper with co-authors Kellan Fluette and Dr. Paul Anderson will be published in a volume of the series on Lecture Notes in Computer Science from Springer.

Sonia and Kellan work in Dr. Paul Anderson’s Data Science Research Lab. In collaboration with internationally recognized researchers and clinicians, the Anderson Data Science Research Lab develops novel machine learning and data science algorithms and software to search for patterns to diagnose aggressive forms of lung cancer, to unlock the molecular mechanisms behind breast cancer, to further develop genome theory of marine mammals, to mine knowledge from health medical records, and to save the coral reefs.

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