B.S. in Data Science

The Bachelor of Science in Data Science is intended for students who wish to pursue professional positions in data mining, business intelligence, national security, genomics, drug informatics, biomedical informatics, and any other data-intensive field in which new knowledge is discovered through patterns in data. DATA is new. DATA is hot. DATA is suited to students who love to apply computing and math. As a data science major, you may select from one of four specializations which you can customize to match your career and academic goals.

  • Current catalog: BS in Data Science
  • Degree Planner
  • Choose from four specializations:
    • Business Analytics Emphasis (e.g., Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance)
    • Sciences Emphasis (e.g., Bioinformatics, Geoinformatics, Physics)
    • Social Sciences Emphasis (e.g., Psychology, Sociology)
    • Arts and Humanities Emphasis (e.g., Archaeological Informatics, Digital Humanities)
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Minor in Data Science

For more information on pursuing a minor in Data Science, please reference the following links: